It smells like poop over here
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2002-09-12 04:33:33 (UTC)

when in the night...

...that light shown down upon you, made you look like the
star, that you were..." justin sane "61c days turn to..."
he's got a solo album that was released a few weeks ago. i
gotta by it. that's an acoustic song from it. i hope
there's more. i heard to other songs from it, it seems
pretty bitchin. it's called "love, life and the pursuit of
justice" oh yeah, justin sane is the swinger, song writer
and guitar player for anti-flag.
i haven't written in this dealy for a few days. im
not sure what i've been up to. i kinda started smoking
again...i think. but i've been smoking when i want, not b/c
i feel the need for a smoke. i had like 3 of janelle's
marlboro, finished her pack of camels, stole a pack of
merits from work and earlier i bought a pack of turkish
gold at the sunoco by my school. whatever, i suppose ill
just quit again.
of course, i've been hanging out with rich everyday.
we've been shooting a lot of pool. mainly cause we dont'
get bored that easily, it's close and there's a hot
waitress. but we never have enough money for a good tip.
plus it drains my $$$ for the week. i always grab money
from my stash that's supposed to go into the bank. i have
$1400 credit card bill to pay. it's got tuition and my
books on there though. next month it's gonna be pretty
expensive too. i spent $120 at harmony house on a @ off
sale, then i spend $20 at the pool hall cause we didn't
have enough $$$. i did get a bunch of bitching CD's at
harmony house, 13 of em.
let's see...i can't think of much to say, probably
b/c i wanna go to bed, well after i grab a smoke. night.