Blind My Eyes
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2002-09-12 03:15:38 (UTC)


ok. so this really sucks. jake doesn't even want to look at
me, so i've been cryin all freakin day.
scott broke up with hannah. she's been flippin all day.
jim and "buddy bear" are getting a lil 2 close for my
liking. i wish to god my mom would believe me. i've already
showed her the e-mails and everything, what else can i do?
anyway. back 2 jake. fuck. and that's really all i can
say. i trusted him because he promised me he wouldn't quit
talkin to me and stuff. wtfe. i'm so sick of guys. i must
be doin something wrong. prolly doin everything wrong. not
skinny enough, not pretty enough, don't smile enough (like
i have a reason to smile anyway) i swear i'm gonna start
cryin again. as if i wasn't depressed already, i watched
the news all day. all those people..... why the fuck can't
we just talk. they want teens today to be mature and
dipshits like saddam husain (sp is wrong i kno) are sendin
bomb threats.
well, i'm out. peace all.