Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-09-12 03:04:32 (UTC)

Cogito ergo sum. . .

I hate looking for a job. . . do the resume, send it, wait
for a phone call, set up an interview, go to the interview,
interview, sit at home, wait for a response. . . If you've
done this on and off for about two years, and not have one
single job offered to you, you get discouraged. . . So,
basically, you just kinda go through the motions like a
mindless zombie, and not even hope for the best, cuz at
this point, it's all just a futile attempt in changing your
fate. . . changing your life. . .

After reading more of Ray Kurzweil's (amazing inventor, and
founder of many corporations all beginning with the name
Kurzweil) book about Spiritual Machines, I guess I'm more
convinced of the evidence behind artificially created
intelligence. Processing power, and advancements in
technology, will certainly be on my reading list in the
future. If by his 'predictions' we have a thinking
computer on the order of a human brain by 2019, I'll be in
my 50's, and it would be interesting to see what
this 'transistor' brain can be capable of doing on its
own. . . Sci-fi, here we become. . .