Wonderful Tragedy
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2002-09-12 02:54:13 (UTC)

College Essay

I spent many of years worrying, that I was making
everyone around me happy. For a long time I was not
happy. Then I received some really great advice, “worry
about making yourself happy, before making others happy.”
I didn’t get this advice from a different person, but I
got it from myself. I decided that making others happy was
good, but if I wasn’t happy then it really is not having
the same effect. This may seem like a really selfish
attitude, but the only person that you have to deal with
forever is yourself. We all dislike bad moods , so why
would you want to be one of those people in this mood. I
began to live by this advice and I still do. As soon as I
changed my attitude, I seen things change, I could actually
make people happier, I could laugh more, and that was not
something I did a lot. I am a very happy person, and
always look to make the best of any sistuation, there is
never a time that you wont see a smile on my face.
If I could pass on any advice, it would be to make
yourself happy. You may miss out on really important
events or even memorable convertsations with new people, if
you’re worried about what your doing and whether or not it
is going to make someone else mad. If you live your life
happily, you will be thanking yourself a lot in the end.