April Wynn

April Wynn
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2002-09-12 02:52:36 (UTC)

wednesday, september 11, 2002

There was no assembly on the 9-11 tragedy at school today!
I couldn't believe it. Some people were actually pretty
pissed off. Anyway, i went to the bank for my mom today,
and when I was crossin the street an SUV almost hit me and
Aly. Turns out the driver is in my math class, in my lil
sis' grade nine social studies class too!! Well i think he
needs to go back to drivers training.
So I've been talking to micheal lately...ON THE PHONE!!!
woohoo. He usually just listens but i swear he falls asleep
sometimes. I'm not one to start a conversation but I think
that with micheal being such a good listener and
everything, I'll get better at it. I'm just afraid that I
bore him...which I know I do but when i'm tired it's hard
to come up with interesting things, usually minds on other
things... like showers and stuff. Or even things I know he
wouldn't wanna hear, like stuff about my freak mom or even
worse...My freak dad. So yeah...back to Micheal. He really
is an amazing guy, I just wish you could meet him... hell i
wish i could meet him :P Last night our "conversation" was
so short. :( But i was fallin asleep and I know he was
tired. He has such a sexy voice too.

School pictures are tomorrow...man am i not ready! I have
to pluck my eye brows and tan my legs... but hey, i'll look
hot in my skirt and spiderman tee. My spiderman shirt ties
up on the sides and it's sleeveless, really tight to. But i
dont know what i'm gonna do with my hair! AHHH the hair!
thats always the most difficult for me on picture day!:P
Ehn no poem today! later