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2002-09-12 02:29:12 (UTC)


So in honor of sept 11. I didnt go to any classes today. I
slept from 12-430. And am planning on going to sleep at
like 11. uhh.. sept 11 of last year, was really bad. and
so i say.. FUCK TERRORISM.. im gonna take out bin laden
and everyone who was involved. The people of the united
states need to believe me.

I think that all guys should report to our dorm room
tonight. we'll pick which ones are best.

South park is funny. so is snl, and even stevens.. we
watch these shows quite frequently.

I have nothing to say.. Online is wicked dead tonight.

I dont like guys much. I mean when they want soemthing,
you are expected to give it up imediatly, but when you
want it! its like they have some big problem with you
asking. grrrr