My life
2002-09-12 02:28:27 (UTC)

Losing my best friend...

ive lost marissa, completly, the friendship everything has
changed to a point where it cant go back, and she dosetn
even care thats the thing that gets me the most. she said
she hates how i always go back on what i say and how her
problems are all my fault and ya i told her to go out w/
james and i told her that if she went out w/ eric she'd be
stupid, but she dosent have to listen to me, its her life
just bc thigs arent the way she wants them to be dosent
mean she has to blame it on me! and i mean she has no time
for just me and her erics always gotta be there, and she
haslike no time for my problems, its all about her, her her
her, i sit there and listen to her gay shit all the time
and i give her advice and when it comes time for her to
listne to my problems and help me she has absolutly NO time
at all..and thats bullshit, its like she dsoent care, so im
not going to talk to her if i see her in the halls im not
going to say anything, im not going tocall her, shes gotta
do some big appologizing to me..but the frienship on the
other hand..will never ever be the