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2002-09-12 01:57:26 (UTC)

Day Two

Today was 9-11 so there was no way it had any hope of being
a good day. School was boring as usual. Same with work.
Melissa was a dyke, but nothing out of the ordinary. I went
to tower records to get tickets to the catch 22 concert and
it turned out that ticketmaster didnt do the 9:30 club
anymore so they couldnt sell tickets which is stupid.
Outpatient was fucking stupid too. We had to go to an
outside meeting tonight which caused us to take an extra 45
minutes of my time. The hot girl kept talking to me though
which was weird yet cool. I feel so unmanly typing in a
diary. Ah well. My hair looks so stupid, but thank god for
hats. I made a mistake yesterday, TODAY is 53 days clean.