can't fight the moonlight...
2002-09-12 01:00:16 (UTC)

WDC, 9-11

nikkis going to dc the 25th. waah! i'm wicked depressed
over that. i love washington, i want to go. shes looking at
colleges, but just the atmosphere...yeah, i'm jealous. my
mom was like "if you want to get $100" and i'm like "can i
go to the bank tomorrow?" she didn't expect me to shell out
the cash. but i will. no, i won't. because i won't go. gr,
arg, whatever. i'm over it. or something.
year anniversary of 9-11. what can i say that hasn't been
said already?
shit. meant to ask laura for ride to school tomorrow.
whatever. i'll just drive nikki and take the car. she'll
get over it. i think.
i'm just so depressed right now. i should be studying for
english test tomorrow. course i haven't read the book its
on. sparknotes!
i had more to say. at some point i'll write in this when
i'm awake and alert and interesting. hugs, love and hope!