2002-09-12 00:13:40 (UTC)

Well we talked it out yesterday..

Well we talked it out yesterday morning and I found out
what the problem was. Apparently he tried to get in touch
with me on Friday night and he couldnt and he didnt know
what was going on. That was the first thing that annoyed
him. The second was that my SMS to him took 3 hours to
receive. Damn incompetent Telstra. It was what his ex did
that annoyed him and he just took it out on me. He was
very sorry though for that. I can understand though
because his ex pretty much used and abused him. I wish
that he would understand that that is not what I would do.
He had organised before they broke up for them both to go
to Sydney for the weekend because she had a beauty expo to
see there. He'd paid for everything. Flights and
accomodation, spending money rah rah rah. They broke up so
she asked if she could take a girlfriend with her so he
said yes. He told me that she spent until 4:30am in the
morning with a guy who she had been talking to from the net
in her room. I just wish that he would see that I am not
Her and I never would be like her. We're seeing each other
tonight for Dinner/Movie so at least I get my J fix :)

I sat down last night in front of the TV and started
watching the memorials for the people who were killed in
September 11. It made me sick to think that someone would
want to ruin 3000 innocent lives. If it wasnt for the
quick action of the firefighters and personnel then there
would be a lot more casualities. I just wish that there
would be a world with no fighting but thats impossible.
People respect greed more than they respect each other and
it sickens me to think that. They would rather a young
child die for a cause of their own than rather that child
live a life which hasn't been influenced by propaganda and
hatred. I am sure that that child would see the wrongs and
point us in the right direction. My heart goes out for the
innocent victims on both sides. The taliban have killed
many of their own race because of their beliefs which just
goes to show that they wont respect anyones individuality.
Hatred towards Islams and alikes shouldn't be enforced.
Its not ALL of them that caused this and Im sure that a lot
of them have cried for the families of this terrible
disaster. The people that caused this will die thinking
that this was for a good cause. When they get to the
afterlife they will see and feel all of the pain each and
every person that has died by thier hand has felt.

- God Rest the Victims and Their Families. We will Prevail.