hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-11 23:15:37 (UTC)

september 11th..... dern

hi... i'm listening to the radio.. tryin to listen to music
but they keep stopping to music to talk about the world
trade buildings... i mean seriously, if i was related to
some one who died in one of them do you seriously think
that i would want to be reminded of it every day, and then
go out to stores just to see that companies are using this
day as an excuse to have a sale?!?!? uh... NO!

but n e waez... on 2 the subject of... my crappy sucky
pathetic good-for-nothing, stupid life.....

okay... i lost 4 pounds.. i didn't even try to lose it
either.. oh well.

my sis calls me anerexic cuz i dnt eat n e thing... i
haven't eaten n e thing today at all... i'm just not
hungry. maybe i am getting anerexic. who knows. i need 2
lose weight n e way.

everyones always telling me that i'm fat except steven and
my sister and a couple of friends. trust me, i am not
trying to be anerexic or n e thing i dont even really think
i am.... gosh i'm gettin so stressed out!

my mom hates me now... just cause i was in a hurry when i
was helping her.. excuse me, i have a life!

my sis hates me cuz she thinks i'm too skinny... haha- NOT.

and i'm getting kinda mad at sarah, my "best" friend....
she knows she likes steven why does she bother to lie to

i hate that so much... i kno i lied last yr to a lot of
people but this yr i'm tryin to change that, i really wanna
be different i hate the way i was last year i was always
sad or mad or just plain pissed off at life.

and kristin, my one friend that i think understands how i
feel is too busy to talk to me now. we say hi every other
day or w/e at skool but thats it.

i wonder if n e one else would ever be able to understand

and yes, steven i want to be able to talk to you about all
of this but... i dont know if you'd understand. maybe i'll
try to talk to you l8er... who knows.

argghhhh; i keep thinkin that i wanna go back to england
but then i remember that everyone moved and scattered
around the US now.

darius isn't talking to me either... how come all my good
friends from the end of last year dont even talk to me.. i
guess i just have to keep up with all these changes, but
its just so hard to do with the amount that there is.

well.. i have 2 go eat... hope i dnt choke 2 death.