My Reality
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2002-09-11 22:41:31 (UTC)

When you love someone...

you know theyre out there happy and you are stuck here

they have what they want and what you want is them.
if you could hear their voice, your heart would say thank

To be in that moment again, would feel like heaven here on

they inspire you to be more of the person you want to be
simply by living their life.

he is the first person to touch you the way youve always
dreamed of being touched.

they always say the right thing.

they dont change your views and wouldnt want to.

they make you miss the person you are when you are with

he never had to say he misses you, you just knew.

hope was a four letter word that just seemed silly until
your future with them rested on it.

you fall apart bc you want them to put you back together.

they can put you back together.

no matter how long you are apart from each other, you still
fall back into place.

those stupid things you said are forgotten, or at least are
said they are forgotten just to make you feel better.

even the flu cant get you down when you are with them.

they tell you how much you influence their lives and you
honestly cant believe it. (ive never altered anyone elses yep i almost peed in my pants when i heard this

you hold on even though you shouldnt.

you have the gut feeling, thats all you need to know.

when sex no longer seems interesting unless you are with
that person, you know you are hooked.

you let them see you cry.

they have the power to make you cry.

everything they do is "cute" and vice versa.

you want nothing more than to just hold their hand, no
words need to be spoken.

bc you honestly never loved someone enough to go through
half of the things that you have just for them, but if they
asked you to do it again, you would relive every moment
just for the sake of being with them. pain is secondary
when you love them.