*a*v*e* tHe uNbLoNdE bEaUtY

tHe iNvIsIbLe gUrL
2002-09-11 22:18:21 (UTC)


there is only one or two people in this world that i truly
hate. the number one is khris poulin. if i believed in a
devil, he would be the son of it. if there were ever a
thing that could be evil and rocksolid dumb at the same
time, he'd get an award for it. i mean this kid is an ass
hole that is as thick as a brick. usually, i just ignore
him. i dont let him get to me, because why pay attention
to the petty insults of an amoeba, right? but today he
just would not shut up, and i finally snapped, and i
literally flipped out and told him to shut up. in front of
my entire class, i yelled at him and told him to shut up
before i kicked him in the face. i was so mad. every time
i see him i want to whip out a knife so i can watch him
bleed to death, and today, if there hadn't been a table and
a person between us, i would have tried to strangle him. i
fucking get so pissed off. and whats worse is that i
started crying and i could hardly stop. and the funny
thing is it was over aubrey, and i guarantee she's back in
his lap tomorrow. i dont even understand how she can stand
him. i know she is not nearly as dumb as he is, so they
dont have anything there in common. i really, honestly
wish he would just die. i cant even take it. if he even
talks to me tomorrow, that will end it all right there.

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