Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-11 21:42:28 (UTC)

Get well, sympathy, thank you, happy birthday and such...

I woke up at 7:30am this morning to go to work. I ate 2
krispy kreme doughnuts and drank a glass of milk and put
Coldplay in the Cd player and tried my best to stay awake
and find the store. Today was the day that Randy and I
redid the greeting cards in the Jonesboro's own Dollar
General. I got there on time and worked straight through
only to stop to use the restroom and I tried dollar
generals version of a butterfinger, baby ruth, and root
beer. Not my favorite lunch. And I got off at 4pm. The
music selection in the store today was some R&B station.
And it wasn't bad except a couplde things.
1. The music almost put me to sleep
2. I don't want to hear another word about September 11th
3. I don't kno what it is but I think some black people are
more racist than sopme white people...I was offended to
hear some of the things that were said on that station. I
think anything targeted to one cuture and excluding other
is racist and it bothers me....anywhoo...
I also spent some time on the phone talking to Matt2, Jon,
Ed, and Kelly(Things are going great for the band we
actually even have a couple record companies that will have
our Cd by the end of the week). I then got in my car
listened to somemore Coldplay, then some Elms. Micheal
Jackson, 7-10 Split, and Oasis. Now i am at my brothers
with screaming birds, and annoting dogs. But soon I will be
on my way to "board game night" where I will conquer all
that oppose me even Sir. Teensie. Anywho I hope everyone
else had a great day.