SeXxX Goddess

SeXxX St0r!eZ
2002-09-11 21:19:48 (UTC)

# one, SeXxX Story

Walking down the crowed halls heading for physics I spot
him... Awww yea, Rob Silverman. Damn it should be illegal
to be that good looking, and better yet i heard hes an
AWESOME f*ck! I stared at him closely examining his every
curve on his his face thinking how great it would be if I
actually hooked up with him. "god Jen, u might as well get
on ur knees and suck him right here and now". I reply yea,
right. Sort of out of it. Damnit Chelsie dont do that to
me! Expecially in the middle of class, thats totally
embarrasing. Chels says;"So you going to Jon's party
tonite, I hear Rob is gonna be there." I reply "aww shut
up, I'm not that obsessed".
But Really I was. I wanted him so badly i just had
problems admitting it, Well to any one else but myself. So
I really dont wanna go to this party But Chelsie is tellin
me that its gonna be great, basically making me go. I end
up there. After an hours time most people are pretty
buzzed. So I go and find some one whos sober. Jeff and
ROB:D are chillin on the couch. I envite my self to sit
down and we start talkin. Jeff put his hands on my breast
and started feeling around,"lemme ride u bitch". he says
totally discusted i stand up and am about to leave. But
Rob suggests we just go to another room to talk so we can
get a way from Jeff the drunk ass.
After lookin in a few rooms we find an empty room, its a
bed room. Looks like a girls room its leoperd print with
black satin every were. Its kinda akward as we walk in so
i just comment on wat a nice room it is, wtf im such a
dork! We both slowly approach the bed and sit on it. Its
quiet again so he just started talking about some stuff and
we continued on for about a half an hour... "So ive heard
some great things about you Rob". "What kind of "great
things". So i decided to be str8 up with him and tell
him... Supposedly your awesome in bed. He replied
deffensively that how would any one know because hes a
virgin. "really'? i say... "Yea ive been looking for the
right girl, and ive got some one in mind" said rob... "shes
He begins kissing me. I feel his soft lips. Moving on
down slowly he gives me little kisses on my neck, down my
chest, to my breasts. While feeling my boobs he sucks and
licks them gently. Continueing down my stomach, while
taking off my pants he passes my belly button and goes down
more. His teeth find their way to my thong which is taken
off. Licking my inner thighs he moves to my p*ssy. I feel
him licking and sucking slower then faster and harder.It
feels so good i let out a soft moan he continues harder.
My clit is his next target, it geels sooo good when he
licks it and nibbles it. then rubs it a little with his
nose now he sticks his tounge in quite fast which is sum
wat of a shock but he goes back and forth up and down
quickly. I cant hold it in this is to good i begin to cum
and moan more and more "Oh robbie don't stop". My breathing
is getting heavier and i grasp a hold of the sheets. I'm
reaching the climax and and Ohh my goddd.. I come alot and
he licks it all up and swallows it....