Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-11 21:11:59 (UTC)

watching fishing on tv

and its ben one more time. how lucky are you all...
so its september 11th again, im watching fishing on tv so i
dont have to see anymore coverage of the top news story in
the world. i just wish they would let people get on with
their lives. now these guys are turkey hunting on tv
instead of fishing. anyway. tomorrow is the aniversary of
an important day in pacifico history. the one week
aniversary of john's first show with us. and what a show it
was.. for those of you who were know. for those
who'd better never miss a show again.. you
never know when you might see something you may never see
again. so tomorrow.. if you feel the need to skip work or
school in commemoration of this special day.. do it. tell
them i say its ok.

im gonna go study up for board game night.