Jewels Personal Diary
2001-07-22 19:13:47 (UTC)

Which Guy???

Dear Diary,

I like TWO guys and i don't know which one i like more!
The first one is heck-a-cute, sweet, strong, and popular,
but he flirts with everybody, and he is not comming back to
my school next year! and some say he likes me, and some say
he doesn't and he says he doesn't like anyone! And the
second one is nice, funny, tall, and he is coming back next
year. I thought for a while that I liked the first one
better, but i have like no chance with him, and then the
second one comes around and i start to like him. And I have
no idea what to because i am so stinkin' shy and stupid
that niether of them know that i even like them, well the
first one might, because one of his friends (when they
found our) opened up the Gym door and yelled that i liked
him to him and the entire bball team. But I don't know what
to do, should i drop them both or go for #1, or go for #2!