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2002-09-11 20:36:52 (UTC)

Mustang Convt

So I recently acquired a Mustang Convertable. It's red.

$455.76 worht of repairs/maintenence that the fucking
previous owner/crackhead cop didn't ever bother with. To
add insult to injury, someone had put new antifreeze in
with the old stuff to make it look new. Bastards. Aren't
there used car lemon laws somewhere? I'd love to sue the

Oh, and the top leaks (only on me and my seat), and the
passenger AC vent is broken (as if the airbag had ever
deployed and broken it), and the black panel on my door
that holds on the buttons falls off if I don't shut the
door a certain way. I'm gonna go pull that off and
superglue it back into position. When I'm finished with it,
that sonofabitch ain't goin' nowhere. Damn straight.

Eventually, I'll get to the seats.. they need covers, and a
good shampooing. The back seat kind of smells funny. I
think part of it is the cargo hold for the top of the
car... it's probably never been wiped down, and I know they
didn't pay much attention to it because the stuff around
the rear window is falling apart (yeah, the back window
falling out would be a really great thing).

It'll be interesting to see if Carfax ever pulled anything
up. I *thought* it had already been done.. so much for