Online With Patrick D. McCormick
2002-09-11 20:36:36 (UTC)

face value

I want everyone to take a close look at his or her hand.
Does everyone see five fingers? Yes? Why? I told everyone
to look at his or her hand!

Why do we, as people look far beyond what is in question?
Why do we make things so much more complex than they need

Because it is in our nature to not really see what is
right in front of our face. We want to look all around
it, over under it, and through it.

Face value has become an old concept (unless we want to
judge others which is a whole other essay). Face value.

When we are given gifts, we can’t just look at the gift
and be thankful. We have to think of the objects
value. “Did they spend more on my gift than I spent on
theirs?” Or an even worse thought “I spent more on their
gift than they spent on mine.”

Then it takes some of us months to even open the box, and
we teach our children “it’s the thought that counts” or is
it the thought behind the value?

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