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2002-09-11 20:32:51 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 11th, 2002 was difficult. Over here in Los's like kids....well it's like they dont give a
damn. I lived close to New York City, and it didn't just
affect NYC, D.C, or PA, it affected Upstate NY, as well
other parts of the country. But here on the west coast,
they're all sort of "blah". It's hard to understand, as it
is to type. At around 8:35am today, when I was in
Mathematics, they called down every student in our small
school. So, about 500 kids were packed into the balcony,
and lower levels of our auditorium. Our principal, Mr.
Rosetti, led an excellent ceremony. We proceeded out into
the courtyard where we lowered the flag to half staff, and
our Spanish 3 teacher, Ms. Lennox, played "Amazing Grace"
on here bag pipes. That was a really moving moment, even
the trouble makers were taking it seriously. So anyways,
through-out the day, we had minute-long moments of silence.
I liked doing my part to help remember those who's lives
were stolen. Well, I didn't like it like I was happy...But
you know. Right? Good. I actually got a break, and don't
have a lot of homework tonight....Besides Chemistry...But
that is no surprise. Mets lost...I mean they finally get
something going. So they were up 6-2 after five
innings...They lost 6-12. That's not only pathetic, but
embaressing. I actually had to leave school at noon today.
The USGA (United States Golf Association) wanted me to do a
photo shoot with, Tiger Woods, Hunter Mayhan, Becky Lucidi,
Laura Diaz, and Chuck Palmer. Those are winners of all USGA
sponsored events from the 2002 year. I leave in one week
for Binghamton, NY for the Jr. Ryder Cup (Sept. 27-29). I
am really excited about that...It will be fun. I hope.
Ashley is sort of bummed out...Her photo shoot is extended
for another week, So that means, when I leave Tuesday the
17th for New York, she'll be on her way back from New York
City. I wonder how she feels about being over there,
especially today. Her and I haven't seen each other in over
2 weeks..Isn't that stretching the limit? Ha. Anyways, I'm
having a lot of fun over here...It's kind of depressing
sometimes though...Not being able to see my family. But I
say to myself "Brett, If Ashley can do it, you can too!".
That keeps me going sometimes, plus I know, I'll see them
sooner than later. School in Los Angeles is...Well it's
much different than in Marathon. Here there are
like "clans" of people. There are
the "Populars", "Druggies/Bad Kids", and (forgive me if
this is mean "Wanna-Be Populars". That is extremly rude of
me, but I can't think of another word for them. I guess I
am accepted into the popular group...But I am not a leader,
and my no means am I going to follow. I think people should
do what they want to do, not what they think others will
think (A lot of "thinks"). Our school, Sherwood Oaks Public
High School...Is putting on their annual play. This year
they are doing "The Wizard of Oz". I am not thrilled with
that play, but if they want to to that, it doesn't harm me.
I remembered something I wanted to tell you. Have you ever
said something really funny, but when it comes out, there
isn't an ounce of humor in it? I mean, if I had a penny for
everytime that happened to me, I wouldn't have to golf for
a living. Also, you say something funny, and you do say it
the way you want it to sound...but people don't get it?
Then you have to keep repeating and repeating, then it
isn't even funny anymore..Man I would be a billionaire.
Think about it. I don't know if i'll be on later to type
more...I'll think about. Take it easy, and remember those
of Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. Later.

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