my thoughts and views and stuff
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2002-09-11 19:43:53 (UTC)


Well this life has many problems and decisions. infact i
think that it has way too many decisions. i have this big
fat problem/desicion that i have to deal with all by my
self, and i cain't tell anyone. (so all who know me and
read this dont bother to ask me 'bout it) and im hoping
that this p/d will just pass right on by like a measly lil'
fly. (corny i know)
on to brighter subjects....hymm well actually i cant think
of any ryte now. soo i guess i wont talk about any happy
things. i mean its really hard to think of happy things
when you are at a place that you really dont wanna be at
like school. well i got to go now and be at this very
boring place full of prisoners jus like me.