My Reality
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2002-09-11 19:06:17 (UTC)

September 11th

One year ago today, and the sad part is we all got up and
lived our lives as we would any other day. of course we
are all moved by this event and we are all going to remeber
the horror that rushed through our bodies when we say the
planes hit, but at the same time dont you think its a
humbling feeling to know that after all of the pain and
destructino we can still go on with our lives and america
can rise above the pain and rubble to find a stronger
united states. we have suffered through together.
we havent forgotten and we never will but we as a nation
have bonded so much that we can hold our heads up high and
think of the everyday heros that saved our people that
day. black white gay lesbian man or woman, whatever you
were that day you were a hero and american. those ppl in
the twin towers those ppl in those planes everyone directly
involved in that day are all ppl we should admire. be it
those who simply went to work that day, or those who fought
through chaos to save out ppl, or those who were lost or
those who served in the numerous hospitals, those wives who
waited those husbands who worried, those children who lived
in fear, those volunteers who helped organize street side
help, even those who were assitanting the most innocent of
creatures, the pets who were affected. they are all heros
to me. the millions who stood in line after line after
line to donate blood. think about that. thats a life. you
just saved a life, literally. most ppl joke that it really
isnt a big deal, but when you think about really
is. you waited for an hour or so, to give an actual piece
of you to a total stranger. thats amazing, america is full
of beautiful ppl. we are so bonded and willing to fight
for what we have, we give up a piece of ourselves. no it
isnt perfect and no it isnt flawless but america is
beautiful and amazing and i am proud to call it my home.
no where can you ever find unity and strength and love in
the numbers that we have.