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2001-07-22 17:39:43 (UTC)

so im sitting here waiting for..

so im sitting here waiting for my water to boil so that i
can make ramen =) i love ramen. its great. lalalala. i am
extremly tired. i went to sleep early this morning and then
i had to wake up and take my puppy to the vet a couple of
hours later. sooo yes i am sleepy. and i havent eaten
anything but chocolate in the last 24 hours or so. heh.
dooo be dooo. i am meeting my sisters boyfriend tonight. it
is a very awkard situation that is arising...hm...i hope it
goes alright.
i took my puppy to the vet =) he was so pimp today in my
car. =) lol. i have a black mustang with these fuzzy silver
grey seat covers and a pink stearing wheel cover. and my
doggie is a blue mearl. hm. i dont know how to spell that.
but anyway, i had my windows down and my music up and my
puppy was so sexy. lol. =) his coat goes so well with my
seat covers, its cute. =) he likes ani. heh.
i really need to sleep. today is one of those days where
you feel like youre constantly doing stuff but nothing gets
done. i have to go all the way to work to pick up the stuff
i bought for my sister. and then come back. and then go to
city walk at universal to see a movie with them. although i
hate universal because i used to work there. so. yeah but
thats what she wants to do i guess. and then were going out
to dinner. which will be weird because its all like,
intimate. and i dont know him. but heh. hes scared to meet
me and its funny. lol all my sisters boyfriends are. i dont
what she tells them but fucking they have a right to be
man. thats my sister. =) and im very protective. even if
she is 10 years older than me lol. =)
oh well yeah on with my day. =)