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2002-09-11 18:42:55 (UTC)

Lunch and a Party

So this was my conversation with Brent today. It was rather
amusing and interesting for me. I hope it was for him too.
I wanted to save it because... well I don't know just

ITremains2000: i saw you today
CandiCat314: he said he was talking to Melissa until 2
CandiCat314: you did?
CandiCat314: I didn't see you
ITremains2000: you were walking towards gengres with some
guy and you were clapping your hands
CandiCat314: although the whole lack of glasses thing...
that usually works against me
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: yea after my class ended at 12:20
CandiCat314: ohh, so it was Scott
CandiCat314: we were mocking our ear training teacher
ITremains2000: oh i get it
CandiCat314: the teacher didn't pick on me at all today
CandiCat314: but he got Scott bad
CandiCat314: with a minor 7th interval
ITremains2000: haha i laugh at scott
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: how was class?
ITremains2000: it wasnt that bad
CandiCat314: what'd you have?
ITremains2000: com110 was just learning about different
models of communication
ITremains2000: and then creative writing was making a story
that had a intro, conflict, and climaz
ITremains2000: climax
CandiCat314: ouu, that's what you were working on last
night, right?
ITremains2000: no, i had to hand that in. todays story was
about a schitzo that killed his wife and burned down the
ITremains2000: what classes did you have?
CandiCat314: fiction?
ITremains2000: of course
CandiCat314: I had Tonal Form (where we analyze pieces of
music) and Ear Training which is what I was doing a little
of last night
ITremains2000: that was nice last night
CandiCat314: I had fun
ITremains2000: do you have to do that in front of the class?
CandiCat314: always
CandiCat314: you don't stand up or anything
CandiCat314: but you have to sing solo or in duets or with
the whole class
ITremains2000: isnt it bad to sing sitting down?
CandiCat314: as long as you are sitting in the proper
ITremains2000: chin up!
ITremains2000: chest out!
CandiCat314: actually, chin straight, shoulders back, sit
on the edge of your seat
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: the only time you'll ever catch me singing
is in a group or in my car alone
CandiCat314: aww
CandiCat314: singing in the car rocks
ITremains2000: i especially like singing weezer
CandiCat314: definately
CandiCat314: sooo good
ITremains2000: i know every song
CandiCat314: I'm not that good
CandiCat314: but I do love them
ITremains2000: im disapointed with their last two albums
ITremains2000: not as good as the first two
CandiCat314: I didn't like the albums as a whole, but there
were one or two songs I liked
ITremains2000: yea
CandiCat314: ya know what. I didn't eat yet, so i'm gonna
jet to the commons to grab some grub
ITremains2000: eww
CandiCat314: food is food
ITremains2000: true
CandiCat314: I know you park river boys have your high
class Dominos
CandiCat314: but not everyone has nice leftovers in a big
ITremains2000: half eaten
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: nuked
CandiCat314: well in a little something in my belly, so
I'll be back in a few
CandiCat314: feel free to eat your pizza in spite of me
ITremains2000: i already ate
CandiCat314: well you suck
CandiCat314: jk
ITremains2000: SOOOOORRY princess
CandiCat314: ha ha ha
CandiCat314: now i'm going to eat
ITremains2000: actually it's "Well, excuuuuuuse me
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: I'm going
ITremains2000: YES!
CandiCat314: I'm gone
ITremains2000: go now
ITremains2000: no, now
CandiCat314: gone
CandiCat314: guess who's baaaaaaaaack
ITremains2000: hey lookit you, that was quick
CandiCat314: yup
CandiCat314: and I even had time to steal salt and pepper
ITremains2000: good girl
CandiCat314: yummm
ITremains2000: what did you get?
CandiCat314: turkey sandwich
CandiCat314: with a pickle
ITremains2000: what did they have?
CandiCat314: nothing great
ITremains2000: they changed some of the food places didn't
CandiCat314: rearranged
ITremains2000: but the same old food
CandiCat314: yup
ITremains2000: have you been to gengres?
CandiCat314: today?
CandiCat314: or in general
ITremains2000: this year
CandiCat314: ohh yeah
CandiCat314: it's great
ITremains2000: they changed that too right?
CandiCat314: but mad crowded when I go
CandiCat314: a lot
ITremains2000: really?
CandiCat314: new carpet, new furniture, new paint job, new
deli, new ceiling
ITremains2000: wow
CandiCat314: yuupers
ITremains2000: i have to see it sometime
CandiCat314: you should
CandiCat314: go with me next week after your class
CandiCat314: we both end at 12:20, right?
ITremains2000: mw and f
CandiCat314: same with me
CandiCat314: so one of those days
ITremains2000: ok, deal. just remind me later
ITremains2000: i got a problem
CandiCat314: otay, will go
CandiCat314: what?
CandiCat314: coodies?
CandiCat314: he he he
ITremains2000: that girl that keeps coming over
CandiCat314: which one? Chora?
ITremains2000: carrie
CandiCat314: hmm, don't know her
ITremains2000: the one who's friend jamie is in one of your
CandiCat314: not by name at least
CandiCat314: ohh
CandiCat314: she's funny
CandiCat314: Jaime is in my major
CandiCat314: yeah, what about her? is she stalking you?lol
ITremains2000: yea well anyways
ITremains2000: shes stalking me
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: no way
ITremains2000: she comes over uninvited every day!
CandiCat314: so do I, sort of
ITremains2000: yea but your not annoying
CandiCat314: well someone usually invites me, but not always
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: aww, don't say that
ITremains2000: well she is
CandiCat314: I'm sure she's sweet
ITremains2000: and she invited me to a party tomorrow and i
agreed to go but i really don't want to
CandiCat314: sooooooo.... say you have to wash your hair
CandiCat314: jk
CandiCat314: ummm, say you caught Sean's cold
ITremains2000: i have a headache!
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: yeah, whatever floats your boat
ITremains2000: i said i would stop by
CandiCat314: so do that, and then start rubbing your
temples and putting your head in your hands
ITremains2000: and make myself puke all over her bed
CandiCat314: that's terrible
CandiCat314: where does she live?
ITremains2000: regents
ITremains2000: east307
CandiCat314: ouu, where?
CandiCat314: ohhh
CandiCat314: so she lives near me
ITremains2000: where do you live?
CandiCat314: coolio
CandiCat314: s 308
ITremains2000: basically
CandiCat314: yeah, and even closer to Hank and Chris
ITremains2000: and shes in my creative writing class
CandiCat314: ouu, that gets annoying
ITremains2000: DAMNIT! i had to go visit them today
CandiCat314: classes and stalkers don't mix
CandiCat314: so GO
CandiCat314: duhh
ITremains2000: no they don't and its a small class
CandiCat314: ouu, small is no good
ITremains2000: so i have to be at least pleasent
CandiCat314: yeah, a little
ITremains2000: i dont know what to do
CandiCat314: ha ha, you know what kristin said you should
do tomorrow? This is a funny one. She said you should hide
in our place for a little while, because she might follow
you back to your room and get you
CandiCat314: Kristin apparently has had a lot of stalkers
ITremains2000: haha
CandiCat314: exactly
ITremains2000: the problem is she just comes over here
ITremains2000: at any hour of the day
CandiCat314: hence the hiding out in other people's places
CandiCat314: that blows
ITremains2000: i would have to be there all day
CandiCat314: so do some of your work in the library, then
go to a friend's room and then your room
CandiCat314: chances her she will have missed you then
CandiCat314: or maybe you should just do the mature thing
and confront her? hmmm ... that's never fun though
ITremains2000: no
ITremains2000: but i might have to sooner or later
CandiCat314: why? you afraid?
ITremains2000: if it gets worse
CandiCat314: it's already bothering you enough for you to
complain about it
CandiCat314: that is bad enough
ITremains2000: not really
CandiCat314: oy vey
CandiCat314: don't believe m
CandiCat314: me
ITremains2000: hachi mama
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: i wont
ITremains2000: ill wait
CandiCat314: I am just an asshole who knows nothing about
communication or expressing myself
CandiCat314: NOT
ITremains2000: ill stop over for a few minutes tomorrow,
then go to hanks
CandiCat314: rock on
ITremains2000: take a jello shot and be done with it
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: mm, save some for me
CandiCat314: they're my favorite
ITremains2000: hey, maybe i should take you with me!
CandiCat314: ha ha, I don't think she would like that one
ITremains2000: exactly
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: true true
CandiCat314: well, I'll be around so you let me know
ITremains2000: alright
ITremains2000: now im getting somewhere
CandiCat314: he he he ... " and as they plotted against the
stalker, she was reading they're whole
conversation".......... next time on a scary college story
ITremains2000: i just looked behind my shoulder
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: i dont like having a stalker
CandiCat314: you will survive
ITremains2000: but enough of that
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: i have class at 420
CandiCat314: I have class at 5
CandiCat314: ode to the fun
ITremains2000: till when?
CandiCat314: til 7
CandiCat314: then management til 9:30
ITremains2000: 650
CandiCat314: how does that suck
ITremains2000: wow
ITremains2000: that does suck
CandiCat314: you're lucky
CandiCat314: what class do you have?
ITremains2000: social welfare
ITremains2000: tomorrow i have class from 530-10 though
CandiCat314: ouu, sounds intersting
CandiCat314: that really blows
ITremains2000: i havent been to it yet
CandiCat314: what class goes that long?
ITremains2000: two classes
CandiCat314: ohh
ITremains2000: social responses to crime until 650 then
child development until 10
CandiCat314: ouu, both sound good
ITremains2000: im thinking of eaither a psych major or
sociology major. but someone told me theres no money in
CandiCat314: well, you'd have to take on a minor to make
money in it
ITremains2000: like what
CandiCat314: some kind of business or perhaps education
CandiCat314: or journalism
ITremains2000: i was thinking sociology in crime and then
becoming a cop
CandiCat314: ouuu, coolio
ITremains2000: cops in my town make mad monies
CandiCat314: I didn't know you were interested in law
ITremains2000: i don't think im an office person
CandiCat314: ahh, me either
ITremains2000: theres alot of excitement in law enforcement
CandiCat314: yeah, it seems that way
ITremains2000: aside from the paper work
CandiCat314: unfortunately though I've been told there is a
lot of desk work for it
CandiCat314: yeah
ITremains2000: well thats just the system
ITremains2000: can't avoid that
CandiCat314: true
CandiCat314: so maybe you should major in criminal justice
CandiCat314: and take a minor in sociology or psych
ITremains2000: that might be a good idea
ITremains2000: arg its so hard
CandiCat314: I think you can do it
ITremains2000: making a choice like that
CandiCat314: I think you can do anything
CandiCat314: whatever your choice, it will work out for you
CandiCat314: one way or another
CandiCat314: you have that much potential to succeed
ITremains2000: i think i realized over the summer that i
would be miserable if i was working in an office doing
business related crap
ITremains2000: i have to work outside, doing something
CandiCat314: that's wonderful that you discovered that
CandiCat314: it's a key factor in who you are
ITremains2000: i work to work everyday without complaining.
but when i worked at an accounting office i couldnt WAIT
until i could quit
ITremains2000: went to work
CandiCat314: it might have just been that office, but yeah
I totally know what you mean
ITremains2000: i've worked in other offices
CandiCat314: ohh really? then you know
CandiCat314: I just meant that accounting firms are beyond
ITremains2000: but that job, doing an internship with an
electritian, working at camp
ITremains2000: best jobs i ever had
CandiCat314: rock on. Maybe you should get into social work
CandiCat314: you'd be great at that
CandiCat314: although it's kinda depressing sometimes -
well I think it is
ITremains2000: yea theres alot of sad cases out there
CandiCat314: I can't put my finger on it, but there is
ITremains2000: poverty?
CandiCat314: no silly
CandiCat314: with you.... with a major
ITremains2000: what do you mean?
CandiCat314: there is definately something I can see you
in, but it's not clear in my mind
CandiCat314: a job that is
CandiCat314: I almost want to say a journalist, but I don't
know if that's it
ITremains2000: public relations?
CandiCat314: you could definately do that
CandiCat314: but you have to really approach people with
ITremains2000: im no good at that
CandiCat314: but I think you could be in a different way
ITremains2000: the lady at the career center said she could
see me doing that
CandiCat314: public relations
CandiCat314: ?
ITremains2000: yea
CandiCat314: how did she come out with that answer?
ITremains2000: i took some personality test and i had the
same personality as she did
ITremains2000: so i think she just told me what she wanted
to do
CandiCat314: ahh
ITremains2000: it was a rare type too
CandiCat314: did you take the one with feeling vrsus
thinking and that stuff
ITremains2000: no i just answered a bunch of questions and
they assigned some 4-letter code for my personality
CandiCat314: yeah, that's it
CandiCat314: and they were letters like PFT or something
CandiCat314: I've taken that test a million times
ITremains2000: whats your personality?
CandiCat314: I don't remember it anymore
CandiCat314: but I remember being a feeler and a senser
ITremains2000: i know i was an introvert something
CandiCat314: ohh, yeah Im definately extrovert
ITremains2000: haha
ITremains2000: i know
CandiCat314: common ... this is me... as if i could be
anything else
ITremains2000: its you
CandiCat314: lol
CandiCat314: I'm in the Hartt school, that usually speaks
for itself
ITremains2000: is that really one of the best performing
arts schools in the country?
CandiCat314: yupp
CandiCat314: for my major at least
CandiCat314: it's the #2 or something
CandiCat314: only 50 people in my major ( all years)
ITremains2000: wow
ITremains2000: music management?
CandiCat314: so no matter how many times I tell myself that
I don't belong and I'm not good enough, I think about those
CandiCat314: yupp
ITremains2000: you have to do it
CandiCat314: what do you mean?
ITremains2000: you've got such a passion for it
CandiCat314: I do, but I'm not veru talented
CandiCat314: I'm nothing compared to others in my major
ITremains2000: that cant be true
CandiCat314: but it is
ITremains2000: thats just what you think about yourself
CandiCat314: I'm soooo not that smart. and I am soooooo not
such a great vocalist. I don't have either to back me up
CandiCat314: it's not even like I'm really good at one or
the other
ITremains2000: you're going to get better, thats what
college is for
CandiCat314: I just don't think I have it
CandiCat314: it bothers me
CandiCat314: I know what I want
CandiCat314: I know how to achieve it
CandiCat314: I just can
CandiCat314: t
ITremains2000: all you need is the drive
CandiCat314: yeah, but you can't drive a car without a
stearing wheel or strong tires, even if the tank is full
ITremains2000: are you trying to tell me you don't have a
good voice?
ITremains2000: that you're stupid
CandiCat314: I guess I have an ok voice, but using it
correctly is a whole other story
ITremains2000: you have a great voice and you will learn
how to use it
CandiCat314: this is my 5th year of voice lessons
CandiCat314: that is pathetic
CandiCat314: I can't use my voice correctly still? that
CandiCat314: 's so pathetic
ITremains2000: have you gotten better?
CandiCat314: of course, but it's not good enough
CandiCat314: I have terrible habits that won't die
ITremains2000: haha i like that attitude
CandiCat314: thanks, I think
ITremains2000: you'll do fine, at least you have a
direction to follow
CandiCat314: i guess, but I'm just scared
CandiCat314: like always
ITremains2000: thats normal
CandiCat314: oy
CandiCat314: enough with me
ITremains2000: i have nothing left to say
CandiCat314: yeah, these kinds of conversations exhaust me
ITremains2000: i need to sit down on the couch
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: take a load off
CandiCat314: well you have fun doing that
CandiCat314: I'm going to finish my work
ITremains2000: ok, you try having fun with that too
CandiCat314: ohh, I will try
CandiCat314: my success level may be low
CandiCat314: but I will try
ITremains2000: (yoda voice) do, or do not. there is no try.
CandiCat314: :-D
CandiCat314: thanks
ITremains2000: ok, ill see you later
CandiCat314: bubye
ITremains2000: stop by tonight
CandiCat314: I will, maybe on my way back from class
ITremains2000: at 7?
CandiCat314: try 9:30
CandiCat314: lol
ITremains2000: oh yea... sorry
CandiCat314: it's all good
CandiCat314: ttyl
ITremains2000: ok, later

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