whats happenin
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2001-07-22 17:07:59 (UTC)


wow. ok. lauren told me that the guys that me and amber and
jess met at the woods, were the "stefanie crew" guys, the
guys that hit on 13 year olds or somethin. stefanie is...
dont even get me started on her, k? k. tomorrow is jess'
bday, and shes havin a party. it is a boy-girl party, but
not the type where EVERYBODY comes. maybe about 10-15 ppl
will be there. including some ppl i havnt seen since the
last day of school! im really happy. like alex, he is like
the only guy i trust. and dj, he used to be my diary, but
he tends to get jealous alot. well today i might go out to
the mall wit liz and get jess some MORE stuff. my dad
already got her a silver snake inscence burner and some
insense. she likes fire. so imma get her a candle, and
possibly a lighter. only if i get to keep one though, lol.
my boyfriend eddie mite be goin, but i dunno.. i cheat on
him alot, but he insists on staying with me. i dunno he
just pisses me off sometimes. but whatever. i know were not
getting married, i know imma marry arron.. i know it. i
love him. im in love with him. and were not even together.
he lives in frickin georgia. lol. oh well.. im used to it
anyway, the 1st guy i fell in love with, justin, lives in
florida.. and i met this guy not long ago that also lives
in florida, my ex boyfriend from last summer moved to
colorado, my friend jon moved somewhere but came back, and
most of my friends are going to a different high school
than me. everyone just loves me, huh? lol. bryan isnt
responding to me.. im getting scared. and lauren told me
she was crying and worried as hell, but couldnt tell me
why. damnit that pisses me off. oh well. well.. imma
goooo.. lata!