Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-09-11 17:18:01 (UTC)


They fucking rocked!

I met Joey, and I hugged him, and I kissed him and I talked
to him, and we went into their bus. Fucking excellent
night. The best fun I have EVER had.
They're a really great band, and they're so nice! They
signed things and spoke to people, and they signed my mums
bandage, haha.....

Urgh, then my fucking father tells me we're getting rid of
the internet.
I hate him. Not just because of this but he knows how it's
the only thing I EVER do.....
I don't watch TV much, and I never go out, so fuck him, I
fucking HATE HIM. He's done it just to piss me off. My
sister can still go to her £100 dance group and he can
still keep, and maintain his fucking motorbike, but I can't
have the internet. And it's not just MINE, everyone uses
it. Fuck him, I hate him.