Cbay tales, blokes and my mates
2001-01-18 12:14:57 (UTC)

I nearly forgot to write in..

I nearly forgot to write in this!!

Oh well! I gotta go to work 2nite! I'm not happy! But at
least I can give up working Thursdays soon coz Orchestra is
on Thursdays! And I can't miss that! I rang Chris last
nite. We were on the phone for AGES!!! He was making me
guess songs by him reading out the words. I failed
miserably! I'm crap at that!
I went home last night and watched Grease! Even though I
was guna do some revsision. I should really coz the exam is
this time next week, and I start back with proper lessons
Monday, so I'll only be able to revise at home. Which
actually is a better idea coz I work well on my own.
I found a tape of me and my sisters singing about 3 years
ago last nite! It was sooooo funny! But very embarrassing
My mum is being mean and saying I can't stay late at the
Valentines ball. It's not fair, just coz it's a weeknight,
everyone else can stay late! Why do I have to have the
strictest parents going?!
Chris is visiting me the first weekend in Feb too! I'm
kinda looking foward to it! Hopefully I'll be able to get
the time off work. It doesn't matter to much. I'm leaving
soon anyway. I'm guna become a lifeguard, even if it does
cost £125!!! Am I mad? Probably....