Nasty Baby Precious

My Dirty Nasty lil Secrets
2002-09-11 12:16:05 (UTC)

Part II

Sorry, diary I missed finshing about our triss with Robert!

Stacy couldn't believe how well Robert had make her have so
many major orgasms and love her so intently. Anyway our
turn! Sharon cuddled Stacy seeing after her (Their lovers),
while Robert and I tried to out do each other, I lost and
relaxed and submitted. For a old man he was extremly good!
He me a massive hickie to let me know hoow bad he wanted to
get me pregnant and have me as his! Sharon howled and
screamed as Robert pumped his huge cock in her as she
cummed her brains out. By 11:30 we were all passed out
asleep Robert sleeping inside Stacy!

We all fucked Robert some more and it was time to get up!
Where did the night go. Anyway Robert said he was in love
with all of us and wanted to take care of us. Mmm perhap,
something to think about?

I was late to my first class Chemistry, and yes everyone
saw my massive hickie. The Proffessor wrote me up for
displaying my sexual conduct in class. I stuck my tongue
out at him as he turned away and flipped him the finger!
Everybody laughed causing me to get kicked out! Great one
more and I am out of chemistry! So pissed off I went to the
Student Union building and complained about the proffessor
kicking me out.

Their I met Cindy from last years dance class and found out
she got married! I told her, "Well, you don't look
pregnant!" She laughed and said "No, but we're working on
it"! We tripped on over to the Dinning Hall and had a coke
as she told me how wonderful being married was! I told her
give it five years and she'll be divorced with two children
working some lame ass job! Just kidding. Anyway when to my
second morning class Computer Science but not before
putting a BIG bandaid on my neck!

All the guys stared at me knowing I had a hickie! One guy,
Jeff asked, "Anyone we know sugar?" I told him "Just a
older guy who hadn't had any in a year! Letting me know how
special I am!" Anyway while working the program I had my
computer locked up! Proffessor Geek trips on over and asked
what I had done? I told him nothing it just locked up. He
asked how I was going to fix it? I turned the damn thing
off, then on and rebooted the thing, loosing my program!
However in my purse was a floppy which I had copied it on.
He liked that!

After Computer class I was done for the day YEAH! And went
to my apartment, which my cats, Precious and Fuckup had
wrecked. Both still kittens Precious is rather a good kitty
and really can't blame her. But Fuckup, her name says it
all. That is all that cat can do is fuck up which is why I
call and named her that. Perhaps she will out grow her bad
ways I hope! She has destroyed three pair of throngs, my
house shoes, and occasional leaves me a message she didn't
make it to the litter box!

At least they haven't chewed on my computer cables! I then
checked my e-mail, God the nasty perverts out there! GUYS
of them! Cleaned up my apartment then Daddy called. He
misses me and wants to come to see me this weekend? I told
him yeah, and bring MONEY, LOTS of M O N E Y! He laugh and
said he would be here friday around 5pm. Oh Stacy, Sharon,
I want you girls to met Daddy-Daddy!

Short of useable funds I did something I don't usually do.
I called Robert on his cell phone and asked if he could
give me some money to get food and stuff. He drove over and
gave me fifty bucks, and some more hard cock! I like him a
lot! Anyway I when to the store got cat food, cat litter,
and food of me and gas for my Camaro. God I thought I was
going to run out of gas! Z-28s don't get very good gas
mileage. I stayed home last night and studied some and
petted my cats who let me know I have neglected them! Poor

Well I have to get ready for class! There is no telling
what awaits me out there today. It is 9 11, God I hope
nothing happens today! Still think we should nuke the arab
world, it would all be over in thirty minutes! That
assholes are how powerful we are! and still have plenty of
nuke left over!