Just a little princess

being my age sucks!
2001-07-22 14:25:37 (UTC)


Name: Frankie
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Appearance: About 5'7, quite slim, dark hair, dark eyes

So what else do you need to know about me? Quiet a lot I
guess, since those things don't really tell you much about
me and what goes on in that crazy head of mine.

First of all, I currently have one love interest at the
moment - James. I met him on holiday in Greece about 3
weeks ago. We've met up once since then in Brighton and
he's coming to visit me tomorrow - which will require a ten
hour coach journey, costing him £50!!! So everything is
great for us, he calls me every night and we talk for
hours, about nothing in particular but never having to
endure a single awkward silence. When I'm with him or even
when I'm just talking to him on the phone I can't help but
smile, there's something about him that makes me that way!
He's incredibly cute as well, with dark hair and blue eyes-
the perfect combination if you ask me! And as for his
personality, wow, he seems so easy going and friendly. He
met my best friend Louise for the first time in Brighton
because that was who i was there with, and he managed to
talk to her while i was getting drinks or while i was doing
whatever and he certainly made a hit with her. So
everything is just perfect........apart from the fact he
lives about 500 miles away from me. I guess if we feel
enough for each other then we will be able to overcome the
distance problem though, or at least give it a go!

What else... I just broke up with my boyfriend of nearly a
year, Alex. I thought he was the love of my life until
about Christmas time, needless to say i was wrong, and i
started realising that in about February. I thought i would
miss him a lot more than i do, but i guess the fact that i
don't proves that the relationship, as far as i was
concerned, was over.

My best friends are Louise, Si and my mum. Louise live in
London, so that's another long distance relationship, but
we seem to have coped quite well for the last 5 years or
so, so the fact she lives so far away is really no biggy. I
go to school with Si, and our relationship is kinda
complicated, cos whilst i love him to bits he loves me in a
very different way, which sometimes causes problems! Then
my mum....obviously i can't tell her EVERYTHING i get up
to, but we are really close, which i am really glad about
because of the fact that i think you always need someone to
talk to, and since louise is so far away, she is like my
fill in best friend!

Music wise i prefer what we call 'black music' ie r&b, hip-
hop and garage. My favorite artists at the moment are Craig
David, Usher, Destiny's Child, Misteeq and a few others.

The things i enjoy doing most are going out to clubs, going
to the cinema and, of course, shopping (when money allows
it of course, although my bank did a REALLY stupid thing
this month and gave me a switch card, what a load of
fucking idiots!)

My opinion on drugs and alcohol is very definite. Alcohol
is fine, to a point, although i don't see the point in
getting completely leggless so that you can't remember a
thing about hte night before when you wake up the next
morning. Smoking, i think is kind of ok, as long as you
don't do it in people's houses and you are not a chain
smoker. Drugs, no way (I don't class pot as a drug, because
lets face it, it aint!). Never touched drugs and never ever
ever ever ever ever ever will; I've seen what they can do
to people and i dont ever want to have any of that done to

Anyways i think that is more than enough about me for now!
See yas all laters!

lots of love