Living In The Dark
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2002-09-11 10:45:23 (UTC)

Jerks In The Night

There is nothing worse than receiving a call from an
asshole in the middle of the night. Sure, it's my job to
answer these calls, but I'm never prepared when someone
decides to take out their frustrations on me.

Apparently, the girl whose cat had a "gaping wound on his
butt that he keeps licking" was looking for a different
veterinary office. The vet on call for emergencies for the
hospital I paged thought it acceptable to call me and let
me know what an idiot *I* was for waking him up at 1:30am.
He repeated how irritated he was several times.

Of course, I have to say "I'm very sorry" or risk losing
this piss-ass job. And, of course, after I hang up the
phone I run up and down the halls of the office screaming
obscenities. If I get a call from my supervisor about it
tomorrow, I'll tell her exactly what I think of that vet
and where he can shove his irritation.


Very brave of you to
Act like your shoe size
In the anonymity of a
Night call.


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