Meshed Up
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2002-09-11 09:10:08 (UTC)


argh. somebody getting on my nerves today. that stupid
bitch. it's not my fault he doesn't like you you bitch. oh
so you want me to die huh? oh so i'm flirting around with
all the guys here huh? and just because i told him that
australians are friendly and that i am making friends here
doesn't mean i'm sleeping with them you fucking stupid
bitch! go fuck yourself and move on with your pathetic
little life.

i hate it when people judge me without even knowing me. she
doesn't even know me. how sure can she be that i'm fucking
lying? that i'm a fucking slut? she has no proof! and she's
just saying that because she's pissed off at me because he
doesn't want to hook up with her.

you are a fucking bitch for saying such things about me!
and you are the ones with plans to seduce him and show him
your fucking boobs and wear short fucking shorts so he'll
fuck your brains out. who is the slut now huh?! you fucking
tell me who the slut now is!!


but anyway, i will not let her ruin this entry. because i
will not waste so much space on her. i have the upper hand
right now. i know what she's thinking. she talks to me and
complains about me and talks about her plans for him
because she doesn't know she's talking to me. ha. stupid

i don't think i made much sense. but it does feel good to
explode. if only i can say all those things to her face. if
only i can step on her and crush her and watch her cry.
that stupid bitch.

sigh. nothing on my mind anymore. i should not let her
affect me so much. people. help me. from this day on, i
will not stoop down to her level.

hmm for my (and probably your) last indulgence. a sample of
one of her writings to me:

'yes i'll ask him if he could help me on one of my projects
in school and invites him inside my room and seduce him
with my looks and shapy body lol. then we get laid lol.if
it's his first time he won't be that good but i could teach
him some moves lol. i'll give him the best sex ever. i'm
going to suck his heads off lol. hope my brother is not
here when i ask him to come over.i'll wear my shortest
shorts and my strapless that would make him drool
lol. and maybe to fall inlove with me. i have to satisfy his
eyes coz men are arouse just by looking at sexy attire.'

grrr. i have let her ruin this entry!! wtf?!