A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
2001-07-22 13:08:56 (UTC)

bobing in a sea of stupidity

where it all started? what an odd weekend, i don't know the
caliber of some events cause of the intoxication, but what
i do remember will be a constant reminder of how fun and
down right fucking stupid people can be. Friday evening
started off with two friends of mine just relaxing at my
house, kicking some old sublime, events follow in strange
ways. i got this friend whos very indecisive, or he just
thinks out loud or some shit? any how...
he owes me a favor, that favor made me throw up, so in a
compromise, we get alcohol, damn good drinks to, but thats
besides the point. The guy with the mustache showed up
later on at my friend the philosophers house started
drinking too, the night was going good,
sitting in Indecisive car, listening to music. i got out of
the car a couple of times to smoke a cigarette, well the
last time i went to get back in the car the philosopher
kicked me in the nuts from behind, this was while i was
grabbing my cd case from the floor of the car. in return
for the kick in the nuts he bought me food, this seems to
be a thing for me on this Friday , repay Jeff night.

The drunker the mustache got the more annoying he becomes.
there is a town in another county that has this abandoned
town a top this cliff , indecisive wishes to drive to this
town, drive this hour. i don't think he was drunk but i
know i was pretty much intoxicated
along with the other 2 in the car. the mustache gets pissed
off while were going up the cliff to get to the town. he
sits down and shouts "no" loud as hell, the whole time we
tell him to keep it down, out of respect to the people who
live in the town below, this baby sitting is becoming
intolerable. I know indecisive was about to leave him

so we reach the town, still hitting the bottle. This is
when the mustache asks me to take him through the
university, now mind you were both drunk, I'm trying to led
this guy through the one building i haven't been in yet, my
vision keeps chopping to the right ,
while trying to avoid the holes in the floor, this town has
been rotting for quite some time now, he's being annoying
the entire time. telling me hes not going to go in to
certain places, so i decided to just walk on, i knew he
would follow i had the flashlight, but once again its baby

leaving the place i slid half way down the cliff scratching
my self up kinda good, its funny what alcohol can do to
you, you don't know you have all this until the next day.
on the way back some indecisive car interior got burned,
now we arnt the kind of friends who go blaming things on
each other, but when all the sign's point to the mustache
as being the one who put the burn in the car, you cant
argue, he was the only one who sat there, he took mad
offence to this got mad and left my house. these random
accounts of mustache can be seen a lot, its not a chop at
his persona, its a matter of admitting you did something,
he did say he blacked out and he was quite drunk. i didn't
want him to leave i just wanted him to swallow his pride...

so here it is Sunday morning 8:55 i feel like poop, just
going to sit back and unwind, reminisce about what i get to
do once i get a job.... see yah