stuff wat doesnt make sense unless ur bl
2001-07-22 12:34:29 (UTC)

the day after the night before

well last night was hmm much for going
to mathews party - i just really cudnt be bothered to make
the effort to get a taxi to go all the way over there
so instead i ended up gulping down bottles at home and then
wondering off in the middle of the night to try find a pub
which was open...only to meet two pretty god damn sexy guys
on the way!which was good i suppose! when i finally got
home i dont think farther was too pleased at how much me
and jennie had drunk! whoops! thats one of the downpoints
of living at home i suppose - but hey its free board so
aint gunna complain! so anyway these two guys we meet -
called Kev and Paul - well Kevin was really nice and chatty
and paul well he was just drunk! and ive been txtin them
all mornin just trying to apoligise because we were meant
to be meeting them at 1 in the mornin but instead ending up
passing out in my bedroom and well i think ive said sorry
at least 25 times this morning!

anyway.... everyones most proberly already lost because
once i get typing my juicy gossip it just never stops but
slowley its starts to just get confusing - wudnt you agree

well when i got home last night and i was just "oh that
little bit typsy" i ended up txting my best friend - Becky -
and to be honest i really have to idea what i was saying -
but i can imagine - i was probz doing the whole "i love you
your my best friend ever hope we stay mates always" message
thing - because after 12 o'clock and 12 bottles that msg
always seems to get sent to somebody! Becks is away at the
moment, gone to a christening to become her little cousins
godparent - which is cute! but i dont half miss her - i
just need someone to chat to - Becky is just like my little
sister - but it just scares me how alike we are gettin :s
oh boy does it worry me - i think slowley were going to
merge into one ARGGHH X-Files case coming on!

anway i think ive blabbed on for quite enough now

no doubt i will update tonight with all the gossip on
becks, jennie, paul and kevin

for now
enjoy the rest of the lazy sunday

without a hangover WAHEY