lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-09-11 05:00:52 (UTC)

hallelujah jubilee

gosh and i'm so sad that i don't see zach anymore. like
SO SAD. there's this kid named charlie at school who
reminds me a lot of him, and we talk a lot cuz he's so
dang funny and reminds me exactly of zach freshman
year. man. but hopefully i'll get to see him a few times
this year...maybe he'll go to the magic mtn or i'll see
him at football games or SOMETHING! man. blehhh.

today i was just thinking about everything in
perspective...and being 16 1/2 and not having a
boyfriend is actually pretty cool. if i live into my 20's, i'll
be really glad i didn't make too many attempts at
screwy relationships. hmm. but for right now, it's