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2002-09-11 04:39:27 (UTC)

I have decided

Yup. I have decided. I'm in a very good mood, and finally,
really truly have a direction. I want to edit books.
Fiction, preferably. But that is a ways down the road.

Now, how did I come to this conclusion? I have Pete to
thank. I read the book that he told me about, the one
where the main character reminded him of me. In that book,
there were paragraphs that were extraneous, sentances that
could have been worded better, and the plot could have run
a bit more smoothly. After I finished reading the book, I
looked and found a pencil in my hand....my fingers aching
to make corrections. (I didn't however because it was a
library book. Books deserve respect. I'll only write in my

I thought about it, and decided that I wanted to edit
books. Because I'm not all that fond of writing myself,
but I've always edited papers for my friends, and I'm
pretty good at it. Then I got this image of me in my
office curled up reading a manuscript with my red pen, and
I can just see myself doing that for the rest of my life.
I am in love with the idea.

So, I now have a direction. I've been looking at
publishing companies online, just to get a taste of the
job opportunities they had. First of all, there are huge
companies down to teeny tiny ones all over the world. So I
could work wherever I wanted to. Secondly, it's work that
I could take home, so if I needed to be at home for kids
or family obligations, etc., I could do it.

The internship program at Random House in NYC sounds
awesome. There would also be "intern field trips" to their
publishing HQ in Maryland. In the internship, the interns
are rotated so that everyone gets to work in every
department of the company...PR, accounting, marketing,
editing, copywriting, and so on. Then, once a week, there
is an intern lunch where company executives speak about
their jobs. There is a summer internship and a year long
one, and both are paid positions. You must be accepted by
the company (of course) and also be able to recieve credit
for doing it as well (another of course).

How awesome would all that be? And that's only one
company. Now, I know next to nothing about the world of
publishing (well, I know more about publishing fishing
magazines, but I have a feeling books are a bit
different), so I have EVERYTHING to learn. But I see that
as an advantage. I wouldn't have any expectations going in
to it that I know what I'm doing. I'd be eager to learn it

I have a goal, and something to look towards.

Damn it's been a fine few days.

Thanks Pete


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