random mumblings
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2002-09-11 04:31:45 (UTC)

do i sound like an idiot or what?

hey how was "hell" day? :)

so i had fun with you on sunday afternoon, and you seem
to be fun and you made
me laugh, so i was gonna ask you out, like on a date, for
drinks, partying, etc.
with a couple of friends on saturday night...but my buddy
jason reminded me that
he asked me to help him put in hardware floors?! at his
house on saturday and
from what he said it's gonna be a full day thing. so
unless you wanna come over
and help put in hardware floors, it looks like saturday is
probably out. :) BUT,
if you want to go see a movie or do something like that on
sunday, or maybe got
for drinks earlier in the week (at midnight of course) if
you're interested, let
me know, because although i've only known you for about 2
hours, you seem cool

let me know, either write me back or gimme a ring :)


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