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2002-09-11 04:03:35 (UTC)

*no such thing as the real world*

So this weekend....IwenttotheJohnMayerconcert!!!!
I followed Heather and Meredith to Cary, where we found
Blake eventually, and carpooled to the parking lot-
Meredith's crutches and all. Ha.
Our seats weren't bad at all and the ampitheatre was
absolutely beautiful. I managed to find Julie. She was so
right there and didn't see me! :-p So, that was really
exciting b/c I got to sit with her and her friends. Yay!
Guster opened. I'd never heard them before, but I knew
that they had been to Chapel Hill before and Blake really
liked them. I was impressed. I really enjoyed them. Need
to get their CD....burn it, something like that.
Heather decided after they finished and right before John
Mayer came on that she would like a frozen lemonade. And
where were the lemonades? All the way back at the entrance
of the park. :-p So we journeyed that way, got offered
beer, settled for the lemonade. :-p Made it back in time.
Wow. I LOVED it! He was SO funny. I think my favorite
comment he made was when he was telling a story about
writing song lyrics. He was explaining how he would come
up with an idea and then he was like: "F--- I wrote that
one already!" Ha. Hilarious. Or there was his analogy
comparing a difficult task to picking up a playing card off
of a tile floor. We all just sat there and thought about
it for a few seconds. :-p It was just so relaxing to sit
with some of my best friends in the world, sitting under
the stars, listening to fun music and singing. :-)
Luckily, we left a few minutes early b/c with our lil'
Meredith on crutches we would've gotten trampled. Plus-we
got out and didn't get stuck in too much traffic.
The adventure began when we all departed and tried to find
our ways home. I knew I wasn't going the right way, but I
couldn't get in the correct lane. So, I'm saying to
myself: I have no idea what this road is, I have no idea
where I'm going, but this is where I'm going. As luck
would have it, I was on the correct road. I was just going
the wrong way. So, I got off, and got back on. I made it
back to the Creek in excellent time and only making 1 more
wrong turn. :-p
First exam in pharmacy school today. Bright and early at
7:30 AM. Wow-I was tired. I did ok.
No class tomorrow. :-D I'm working the health fair from
12:30-2:30. Hope the hurricane doesn't blow us away. Need
to do lots of work tomorrow too.
Just finished talking to my brother. It's hitting me that
tomorrow is the one-yr anniversary of 9-11. When we said
goodnight and I told him to be careful tomorrow, he sent
his goodnight response back and I got teary-eyed. There's
a prayer vigil tomorrow night that I think I will attend.
Just makes me think a lot and realize how lucky we are, and
when you think about it....how scary the world really can

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