Squeeb's world
2002-09-11 03:50:04 (UTC)

Excitement at a fever pitch

Ok, I am so excited it's not even funny. No I didn't get
Matt yet and funnily enough it has nothing to do witht he
fact that I even finally got a little bit of a job. No my
excitement totally has to do with the conversation I had
with Kim today. She totally floored me and said that someone
popped by to see her on the weekend- PHIL!!! The little
bugger didn't come home for the weekend! And not only that
but he asked her out!!!! Can you hear my squeal?!!! Oh my
God!! He asked for her phone number and then called her and
asked her out. She's supposed to call him back again this
week. Oh I really hope she says yes. They'd be so good for
one another. I don't know what's up with Erika. She was
being strange. and he was angry with her. The only thing I
know is that I hope he's doing this for pure reasons and not
to get back at Erika or anything because Kim actually really
likes him and if he hurt her, I'd kick his ass. Brother or
no brother. She's my best friend and she's way too good to
be hurt by him. Anyhoo so that's my speil tonight. I am so

Current mood: giddy
Current music: "things I'll never say"- Avril Lavigne