My Life
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2002-09-11 03:17:00 (UTC)

September 10

So, I'm not afraid of tomorrow because of the possible
threat of terror. I'm just dreading it because my spirits
have been somewhat good lately and I don't feel like I'm
emotionally ready for tomorrow. One year ago tonight, I'd
never looked up at the empty sky and known that not a
single plane was in flight. I'd never truly understood
what freedom was, and I didn't know the words even to the
first verse of God Bless America. I know that I will
forever remember the events of that day a year ago...down
to the exact detail. At this point, I'm not ready to
remember the emotional turmoil I underwent, even as a mere,
distant spectator to all the mayhem. I feel as if the pain
of the victims and their families rests upon us as a
nation. I felt that way then, and still today. I remember
going through different stages of mental
questioning...what's going to happen now? Is this the
beginning or the end? Where will we be in a week, month,
year? I remember having some concern about being
drafted...even though I knew the possibility was very
distant. But none of us knew back then what would happen.
I remember fearing that, and then not long after, I
remember accepting the idea as what could have been my
purpose. Those thoughts seem silly now, but that's how I
felt then.

I have things to do now, I have to get back to my normal
life. I'll try to put this aside as much as I can. I want
tomorrow to be normal.

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