The Princess Diaries
2001-07-22 09:42:35 (UTC)

Today ^_^

Diary -

Well, today was fairly interesting. Nimeesha and I gave an
out-of-town friend a tour of our city. We ended up walking
around and just admiring parks, basically. That's ALL of
our city. A bunch of dumb parks that are used to make the
city look super perfect. night falls and Nimeesha
and I have nothing to do. What, pray tell, is there to do
in a city with like, 17 parks?! You get pretty tired
swinging on swings after 14 years of growing up here. I
hate it. I hate it. I wanted to go karaokeing. So did she,
for that matter. We just are too young for things like
that, though. Plus, we hafta drive, and we're not really of
legal age yet.

I think Nimeesha should definitely go out with that guy
from out of town. He's really good looking, with brown hair
and chocolate brown eyes that just make people stare into
them forever and ever and ever...they would be such an
awesome couple. She's kind of reluctant though. I can feel
her feelings for him =)

Anyway, maybe I'll write some other time. Byebye =]