Wonderful Tragedy
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2002-09-11 02:50:48 (UTC)

Wonderful!!!! :)

I am going to try and make is a journal that is not just
bitching....So how was my day today...WONDERFUL! Whoever is
reading this, u'll see that I am just about always
wonderful, great, or just peachy. No matter what I aways
seem to have a good day. Tonight I had a meeting at the
Skating rink(one of my jobs). I cant wait to start back
there, it is so much fun, I love the people. :) I did find
out today, that someone may have gotten hired back there,
yeah for that person, but AHHH! Oh well I've still got my
girl Kelly! KELLY U KICK ASS! and we need to hang out more
often! Come on girl what else u got going, besides like 6
jobs, basketball, and school...are u triing to aviod me?!
lol....Anyways guys let me know how ur day goes, or just
tell me to shut up for always being so happy! :) Buh bye!

"I wish i was a glow worm"
"because a glow worm is never glum"
"how can u be grumpy?"
"when the sun shines out ur bum"

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