Fallen Angel

A Punk in Virginia? NO WAY!
2001-07-22 08:43:49 (UTC)

Another Day another dumpster

Today I woke up around mmm... 4:30? Took a bath and waited
for Johnathan and his friends to come in from Roanoke. Went
to the show around 8 I think. There were so many people.
Why do all the guys that go to Glass hae to be hot AND
gay?!?! It sux so bad. The awkward thing is a lot of the
songs were anti-gay. I felt offended for the people there
that were gay. We saw Cephid-damn they look good! I got
their cd. Marsh and I got in a fight last night. He emailed
me with a whole long apology today. I emailed him back
saying if he had a problem he needed to talk about that I
was here for him but other than that I wasn't sure if I
could talk to him right now without gettin really
upset/pissed. The show ended at 11:30 and Angela and I
decided that we had enough time to just walk home. People
offered us rides but we were in a really good mood and just
wanted to walk. It was nice. We got home at exactly 12 and
then she went to Sheetz to get me and her sum coffee. Since
then I've been online looking up pictures and printing them
out so that I can put them in my little leopard print
scrapbook. Had a long summer day? No, but I've had a long
night. I kinda kept wishing that Marsh would get online so
I could talk to him even tho I said I wouldn't. I just
really wanted to get things sorted out tonight. I go to the
beach in a week. I can't wait but at the same time I'll be
missing out on so much. Johnathan and everybody else are
going to Warped Tour... what I would give to be able to go
with them. Damn. Sherri is gonna come with me and I'm gonna
try out my all-terrain skateboard on the dunes at Kitty
Hawk. Anna reminded me tonight that in 6th grade I had said
I wanted a tattoo of an alien on my belly-button with the
alien's mouth right where my navel is. I had forgotten all
about that. Right now I keep thinking I want a faerie tat
or the comedy/tragedy masks. Just something that looks
awesome and stands for who I am. Hard to choose. Angela got
her belly-button pierced for like the 6th time today. Wait
no I think it's the 5th. I don't know. Trey is kinda pissin
me off. Whenever he's around Ryan he acts like he hates me
but if I see him while I'm at food lion or something he
always talks to me and gives me hugs and stuff. Gus is
confusing like that too. I wish I could be living with Matt
again. I hate being at my parent's house. It feels like
hell here. I don't know what I'm doing. Do I like Marsh b/c
he looks like Billy Idol or do I like Billy Idol b/c he
looks like Marsh? I always did like "Rock The Cradle of
Love" when I was little. Billy Idol is damn sexy. Then
again so is Marsh. I don't know what I'm saying I have to
get over him. The coffee is definitely going to my head.
Gus's gf had a fake niceness tonight. It was weird. I was
trying to be really nice to her and she was really sweet
but it was too sugery ya kno? Jackass comes on tomorrow
night, I gotta remember that. I wish this place actually
had a punk scene, it sucks that it doesn't. I'm going
downstairs to play Final Fantasy. Night!