Nick's Journal
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2002-09-11 02:20:44 (UTC)

The Tools

This journal entry is for my good old friend emily. I've
none for a long ass time and she's the only person with
whom i can really relate with with my cynical views. Her
non-naive perspective on people is refreshing, and she
told me that i had to write an entry like this one just
for her. so here it is. this is about the fucked up
people at my school, and to those of you that don't agree,
i just blah! cos emily does ;-).
Actually first i'd like to make and observation on
the "obsessive group member". In my case it was a girl
and we had a project that we had to do freshman year in
math. she seemed cool up until about 3 days before it was
due. That's when she pulled the crazy pills out of her
ass and took them behind my back. all of a sudden she's
all into the fucking project like as if it's a life or
death situation she's like "nick i dont' think you're
putting in enough effort." or "your lack of commitment is
worrying me." what the christ? fucking crazy bitch. it's
a math project. stupid over-zealous perfectionist group
members. like a buncha fucking nazi overlords herding a
poor little gentile like me into a vast array of puzzling
problems for the sake of her stupid ass grade.
the tools at my school. jesus f-ing christ we have a lot
of them. what i dont' get is that most girls are duped by
them. they think that theses guys are "hot, cute,
charming, and (most irksomely) smart". "just give-em a don't know them." yes i do. the irony
is that you don't. i fuckign know who these peope are.
they are so full of themselves and their material
positions. their beautiful clothing, their "beautiful"
bodies.....thus all the showing off with walking around
without a shirt on. they view females as their conquest
and the girls make it easy. they'll be like, "oh he's
such a nice guy, he's only beating me twice a day."
or "well i really deserved this black eye, i mean he said
taquitos not burritos for dinner". i don't know whether
to feel sorry for the girls. in the end they'll find out
where those guys led them. they treat you like their
cars.....they'll ride you until you're out of style. but
go ahead, defend them or whatever.
moreover, i saw a yo-boy the other day. come on guys.
you're white. YOU ARE WHITE! he was speaking ebonics
too. he said stuff like "yo, i'm representin' for d.c. up
in here" or "i don't get no love". stupid son of a bitch
skinny ass, identity crisi-ridden monkey headed mother
fucker. i hope you fuckign go to jail. then you'll see
how big your asshole can the very homies you
worship. because i guarantee you that black people
respect you even less than i do.
so there you go emily. i'm so glad i have someone with
whom i can always relate about people with. miss
ya....oh.....and oink ;-).