Oh,The Insanity
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2002-09-11 01:16:28 (UTC)

Just Another Day in Paradise

Tomorrow is 9/11. I guess I don't really know how to think
about it. I know that starting early tomorrow morning,
I'll have to listen to customer after customer coming
through my line saying the same thing "It's been one
year." I still remember how I felt last year...shocked,
bewildered, alone, afraid. I remember sitting in
economics, thinking I want Adam...want to be near him, want
to hold him, want him to tell me it's all ok and I'll be
safe. I also remember Dr. Bill saying "em, it'll be ok"
cuz I guess I looked kinda scared. But, most vividly, I
remember the overwhelming feeling of sorrow I felt for the
people who lost their family members or friends. When my
friend, Carrie, called to tell me they hadn't found her
uncle, i didn't really know how to act. Sure, I felt sorry
for her family, but what the hell do you say to something
like "my uncle was in the towers"..."oh, it'll be ok"? I
mean, christ! And just as logic would have it, they want us
to behave like it's just another day, pausing every now and
then to observe the times it happened. And I know I will,
at least once or twice, cry...not out of sadness, sorrow or
sympathy, but because What the hell am I supposed to do?
say it's gonna be ok?! So at 5:30am, I will faithfully
wake up, put on my apron and plaster a fake smile on my
cute little face and I will bag people's groceries...just
like any other days...Do u want that in a fucking bag?
Peace, Love and Charbroiled Marshmallows