No Matter How Hard I Try...
2002-09-11 00:24:58 (UTC)

life is beautiful...scary irony

Things are good...really good. Third period made my day,
took away all my doubts and confusion :)
On the other hand, I had a really freaking scary dream last
night. Ok, Terry and Tricia...yeah Tricia...were going out
in my dream. I was really pissed and yelling at Tricia. We
were at the house...she was in the living room and I was
walking around screaming at her. I went in my bedroom to
get a brush (I was still yelling at her...but I had just
gotten out of the shower), then I came into the living room
and yelled, went into my room to get lotion...still
screaming at her...then I went back into the living
room...once again I went back in my room...still
yelling...and the electricity throughout the house went
out. It was just Trish and I and some other people. I heard
chanting and ghostly screaming and talking all aound me and
I was pressed in my doorway banging and banging to get out.
As much as I tried I just couldn't get out and the things
were moving in on me. Right as I was starting to get the
doorknob to turn, I woke up.
Weird dream...but when I woke up I couldn't see anything. I
can see even the pictures on my wall in the dark...but for
some reason it seemed as though there was a shield of
darkness surrounding my bed. I could see the wall the bed
was on, and the tops of my walls, but it was like people
standing around me so I reached down and turned my icile
lights on. I didn't sleep afterwards becasue everytime I
closed my eyes my ribs burned and I was back at the door
banging and screaming.
If you think that's weird...wait until you hear this. My
sister had a dream on the SAME night that was really really
similar. She was in a house with the kids and was locked in
the house. She was banging on the door to get out and when
she got her and the kids out, the house began to cry. The
neighboor told her "I told you not to buy that house"...we
were both trapped and banging on a door...really ironic.
She got out...I'm still stuck. What could it all me? Write
me with your ideas.
Yeah, so my night last night wasn't great...well the
sleeping part wasn't. The rest was good. I'm in an awesome
mood though. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! :D I love
is great.

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