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2002-09-11 00:24:33 (UTC)

I dont know wut to do anymore!..

I dont know wut to do anymore! I love him soo much!! Hurts
inside alot alot!! But then again im just glad hes not an
ass like ex bfs usually are! he still the best!! I still do
like him so so so much!He claims to still like me! I just
dont know..its all soo aggravating and frustrating i try
not to think bout it much but its hard! I think im a lil
better bout the whole thing now! I thought about it the
other day! If i ignore him n be a bitch i wont have him as
a friend..and i would rather have him as a friend than like
not a friend! In a way i dislike ericas mom n sister cuz if
it wasnt for them i think id still be w/ him..But thats
only half of the reason! I hate when guys sey "i like you
bla bla" they dont even know me!!! All they like is my butt
or sumthing! So im not planning on going out w/ n-e-one
else for a while! cuz thats all guys usually want! n its
bull shit! But im not even thinkin bout ne-one else! Today
was kinda scarry! well not really its just everyone was
bein soo nice to me today! Anna sed i looked cute today
Kayla sed i was pretty todya Kraig sed i looked good today
Stephanie complimented on my hair! I think its to make me
feel better bout Joshua but who knows! Then this guy
seys .Hey baby wuts ur name. i walked off..i hate that soo
much!! it gets kinda old n aggravating.. i wish they would
just all shut up! I hadda pretty interesting convo w/ caleb
today in first while we were passing notes! I have no
feelings for him wutso ever thou! n Im freakin tired of
people seying "You can get better move on" easy for you to
say at that minute..it doesnt make me feel good at that
time! Im tired of calling kraig crying..althou its been
like 3 dayz..each day i called him crying..Hes awsome thou!
i love him to death *as a friend*! he actually listens
althou he wouldnt normally care! Kraig Anna n Kayla think we'll
get back together but hell i dont know..Hes sooo
unpredictable! n everything is just so confusing..If so
kewlies! if not then friends are kewl also! Well thats bout

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