molly the undead

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2002-09-11 00:20:48 (UTC)

Tuesday, 9/10/02

Ugh, so appears i have contacted some evil death
cold. I ended up spending the night with jodie..we just
hung out and watched some movies. Today, me, jodie, and
pete chilled for a while. Thank god the fighting seems to
have stopped. Jodie wanted us to watch some movie called
Harry and the Hendersons, apparently it's about this family
who runs over bigfoot with their car and adopts him. Pete
threw a fucking tantrum and wouldn't let us watch it
because it's "gay". So me and jodie settled for chasing him
around and trying to put make-up on him. (Come on pete, let
us do it, stop being a dumb emo fuck). It was a good time
though. After that i went home and attemted to eat some
disinfectant. Stupid diseases.