my life and how i am in it
2001-07-22 06:13:00 (UTC)

La Familia

Gosh, I haven't written in days....well today, i hung out
w/ the family. we had one of those "family meetings" which
really was to celebrate the b-days and anniverseries. but i
got to see my cousin, nikki. nikki is the same age as i am.
well she's older by two months but who really cares! she's
a complete opposite of me. she's kind of a nerd but she's
not. she just doesn't care what anyone thinks. i like that
about her. we were sittin at the table cuz now we're old
enough to sit w/ the "grown-ups." but as i sat there (at
the head of the tabe)I looked at my family. My Tia Lilly,
My Tia Elena, my grandparents, my uncle Frank, his soon to
be wife, Debbie, Kimmy, Amy, Nikki. all the rest of the
kiddies were at a different table. but i have realized how
innocent and sheltered i was as a kid. i have a very
screwed up family (as i'm sure everyone else does also) but
i didn't notice it until now. i now realize how many
tantrums my grandpa throws if he doesn't get his way. how
funny my grandmother is. she always wants to help me even
though i never take her up on her offer. i guess she feels
she doesn't have to worry about me. i dunno. my tia elena
gets very defensive of joey but he's a screw up. we've
tried to help him but he uses people. and shes so quiet.
not a true sanchez at all. my tia lilly is the one that i
most admire. she hasn't gotten married or pregnant and
she's happy.she used to go out w/ a loser but finally got
her act together and now she's very successful. but she can
be a major bitch but we all can be so.... kimmy is kimmy
(the list is too long) amy isn't in our family she's just
visiting.debbie and uncle frank, god i really don't want to
get into it. anyway i feel so naieve. my family was really
happy or at least i thought so until u get older when u see
everyones true colors and how everyone just wants to get
drunk instead of dealing w/ eachother. but oh well. i'm
tired and i want to go to bed. i'm not in the mood to
elaborate on my family or myself. not today . maybe i'll do
a continuation later.cya

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