2002-09-10 23:56:48 (UTC)

so that sweet guy ryan called..

so that sweet guy ryan called me tonight.
he wanted to study and stuff but i decided tomorrow would
be better.
i really hope he understands that im a big lesbian. i
think he does though. jamie said she saw him looking at my
bag, so if he doesnt then hes pretty oblivious.
especially since he sits right behind me in class as i
doodle which mostly consists of emilys name.
he seems really nervous talking to me though, and he
waited a day to call. which is what III would have done
being the lesbian that i am. because im going to see him
tomorrow in class...but i dunno.
hell make a good friend. hes really easy to talk to.
so...hell just have to get over it. or not be friends with
me. but im pretty sure that hes really just for REAL
looking to "study". penis can be very deceiving
however...so, i will remain on high alert. =) lol.

anis new cd came out today.
but i didnt go buy it. and i dont think that im going to
until im with emily. as corny as that may seem. i
mean...three tuesdays in a row. you know. anniversary,
birthday, and ani. i dont want to fuck with the system.
so, a new ani double live cd for me will have to be
postponed. i dont mind not spending the money on that kind
of thing right now anyway. even though it IS ani. =) and
anis worth so much more.

but anyway

i think im going to sleep. im tired. i worked tonight.

oh aaron quit today out of fucking no where.
he got some job at some fucking private detective place.
yeah. well see how long THAT lasts before they figure out
hes fucking incompitant.
but, more power to him dude. people have to do what they
have to do.
it sucks though cuz now i dont fucking know whats going to
be up with schedules. and i am for DAMN sure not working
any more days.
four days is fucking hard enough to handle considering i
have class five days. and after working there all night
all i want to do is go to sleep. yawn.
speaking of which...