molly the undead

you THINK you know...and you probably do
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2002-09-10 23:50:40 (UTC)

Saturday, 9/7/02

Hmmmm, well where did i leave off? Ah yes friday
(yesterday)...School was mind-numblingly dull as always. I
actually started drooling in english lit. Afterwards i went
to the arcade to see Supervillian play, they were just
lovely (gotta love that punk rock) pretty much everyone was
there. I made periodic visits to jodie at dairy queen who
had to work. I stayed until about 11:30 i think, then luke
took me and mike back to my house, where we watched
infomecials all night. It was fun though. Today was
alright, this moring me and mike went to beanos for
breakfast, but he had to leave right when we got there
(sad). After that i hung out with jodie and the big "G", we
went and got ice cream. Jodie's dad is crazy, he was all
drunk and went out and sat in my car and tried to turn it
on without the key. (talking about listening to some
mexican radio station). Thats about it.

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